About us

ANNE by Alice

Anne is a dynamic and enthusiastic young woman, working in for the Legal Protection of Youth. Serious and professionnal on a daily basis with her team, she is also a fun girl full of jokes, with a huge heart.

We developed our passion for running almost at the same time, and it is a real pleasure to run alongside her for one of the biggest challenges of our life! Support Anne by clicking here

ALICE by Anne

Cultivated, organised and full of energy, Alice is passionate about contemporary art, the domain in which she works.

Always dedicated to everything she sets her mind to, she is preparing the 2012 London Marathon with just as much energy and seriousness, allowing herself some shopping sprees and, from time to time, banana milkshakes! Support Alice by clicking here

GEORGE by Alice and Anne

George is one of the bravest little boys we know. At 9 years old, he has just defeated a brain tumour. It is for him that we have decided to run the marathon, raising funds for Action Medical Research that pursues research on child diseases.

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