Guess the time

The marathon is getting closer and closer, so we decided organise a little contest. All you have to do is guess how much time it will take us to finish the Marathon (26,2 miles).

The lucky winner will get :

  • An autographed photo!
  • A homemade chocolate cake!
  • A collector DVD of the film Tuperhero Films will make in 2013!

To play, just make a small donation to help us continue

fundraising for the charity Action Medical Research,

and leave your estimation in the “Message” field.

If you’ve already sponsored us, you can leave

your bet in the comments at the bottom of the page.

Place your bet !

Current bets :

- Place your bet!

Bets from 2012 (winner: Stephanie Prost)

  • Alain Gross : 4h
  • Jean-Charles Labadie : 4h38
  • Stéphanie Prost : 4h44
  • Amélie Sauquet: 4h28
  • Isa et Xavier Sinagra: 5h30
  • Murielle : 5h07
  • Sylvain Larronde: 5h28
  • Laure Veysse: Alice: 4h46; Anne: 4h43
  • Matthier Esqurial: 5h17
  • Fabienne Turpin: Alice: 5h37; Anne; 5h42
  • Louis Cavender: 5h42min 16s

One thought on “Guess the time

  1. I’d really like to say you’ll do it under 4h but I’m not sure you can shave off 44 minutes in one go so I’m going to say 4h13… GOOD LUCK!

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